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My capstone:
Bridging the gap between my MFA work
and where I'd like to end up afterwards


The ending point:

          I ended my thesis work in a very conceptual place. It was also very personal, as most of the research near the end was my own first-hand experiences. I diagrammed the overall process of research and discovery through 3 stages:

I. perception,

II. presence, and

III. perspective,

with all within the context of a pause in time.


For me, these stages represented where I began, as an observer (perception), to then becoming aware of myself within my surroundings (presence), to finally appreciating and being sensitive to the non-human experiences (perspective).

thesis ending point.png
The translation process:

From an MFA point of view, the above makes sense. However, as someone who wants to end up working in a more commercial environment afterwards—like a creative agency—I needed a way to translate my work for a different kind of audience.

As my thesis work is very personal, I decided the best translation would be using the design outputs as a way to introduce myself as a designer to an art/creative director at an agency. How does the work exhibit my design sensibilities? How do I, as a designer and a person, manifest myself through my work? And what lessons did I learn along the way?


The end product is a 15-minute presentation to be delivered to my target audience over zoom (or as a PDF through email), followed by recorded feedback. The resulting quantitative and qualitative data will be packaged up and visualized in a meaningful way. 


thesis present-01.png

The title, "just be," is a reference to my research into "nothing" and how important it is to just be sometimes. Animals in nature can just be, it is healing and energizing to just be, and as a designer, I want to continue seeking out moments to just be.


Further slide samples introduce me, my thesis, and my insights and aspirations:

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thesis present-01.png
thesis present-03.png
thesis present-04.png
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